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    The Nine (9)


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    The Nine (9)

    Post by Maximus on Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:32 pm

    The nine groups commonly identified as Sea Peoples are, in alphabetical order:[8][9]

    1] the Denyen, identified by some with the Greek Danaoi and by others with the Israelite tribe of Dan;

    2] the Ekwesh, possibly a group of Bronze Age Greeks (Achaeans);

    3] Lukka, an Anatolian people of the Aegean who may have given their name to the region of Lycia and the Lycian language;

    4] the Peleset, whose name is generally believed to refer to the Philistines;

    5] the Shekelesh, identified possibly with the Italic people called Siculi (from Sicily);

    6] the Sherden, possibly Sardinians or people of Sardis;

    7] the Teresh, i.e. the Tyrrhenians, possibly ancestors of the Etruscans;

    8] the Tjeker, also known as the Sikil and possibly Greek Teucrians;

    9] and the Weshesh.

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